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5 Benefits of using e-approval

As a boss, a manager, having to approve a large number of signers every day, do you ever get bored with the media approval method?

With the 4.0 technology era, manual management is considered obsolete for today’s businesses. Besides, manual management will create more printing costs. The covid pandemic is still happening in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular, greatly affecting the profits of businesses.

Besides, when in the age of industrialization, everything from technology to production lines is in the direction of automation. With the rapid development of technology and fierce competition, businesses need to create a smart and modern working environment. Thereby contributing to improving the brand value of the business as well as having many opportunities to attract talent and develop the business.

When there are too many data and documents that need to be signed and approved, the application of electronic transaction software is very necessary, plus the digital transformation process is having a strong impact on Vietnamese businesses. using it is an inevitable trend. Specifically here is the electronic approval software – a smart solution for the digital office.

E-approval means approving the content of an issue on an electronic document through a digital signature, an electronic signature via supporting devices such as computers, phones…with internet connection. It meets the needs of handling work flexibly, in a timely manner, anytime, anywhere.

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So why should businesses use electronic approval software instead of traditional processing methods?

Example: employee leave application approval process

  1. The employee writes a resignation letter to the manager.
  2. Approval manager: agree/reject.
  3. Once approved, the resignation letter is sent to the HR department for approval again.
  4. The employee receives the final notice.

So do you find it a waste of time? A typical approval process has to go through many departments and divisions before reaching the leadership level for approval. Since this is a manual approval process, it is time consuming, possibly delayed due to the document pending signature/approval. However, with the use of electronic approval software, the approval process is defined and automated, you can standardize processes around approval, ensuring prompt resolution of issues.

Electronic Approval

Benefits of using e-approval

Reduce cost

  • Digitize all documents involved in the approval process.
  • Working on electronic data means going paperless, reducing printing costs and helping to protect the environment.

Increase work productivity

  • Implement the remote approval process: help the management board to process and sign relevant documents and papers when they are not present at the company, thereby improving management efficiency as well as not delaying the approval process. work stagnation.
  • Sign anytime, anywhere through computers, phones, ipads, laptops..v.v.
  • Allows multiple people to go through the approval process, can handle issues at the same time.

Saving time

  • Employees do not have to wait long: when approved, the notification will be sent to the applicant quickly and easily without intermediaries.
  • Sign approval quickly, anytime, anywhere, no time limit or geographical distance.
  • Reduced approval time: get information directly and make decisions directly.

High security

  • Reduce the possibility of forging digital signatures compared to hand signatures.
  • Electronic information storage is more secure than paper information storage.

Creating a digitized standard working environment

  • Standardized approval processes follow the digital office style.
  • Modern, fast and convenient process.

So what are you waiting for, businesses in this era need to follow the electronic office model because it is an inevitable trend in modern society. A comfortable, modern office with many accompanying utilities to help jobs be processed quickly will bring creativity and inspiration to employees, helping to complete the work with high efficiency and business. development industry. Besides, depending on how your business is: small, medium or large to choose the right software. Currently, ITCloudSea is a reputable unit providing management solutions for businesses. For more detailed advice on E-Approval, please click the button “Register Now” below or call  028 3520 2367 for consultation.

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Please contact for all the information:
Tel: 028-3520-2367
FB Fanpage: ITCloudSea
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