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[HR view] I wish I have a faster way to spread the company’s news to all employees

I’m HR and I regularly have some notice about general regulations such as Holiday announcement, company news, company activities… Sending email notifications to each person wastes time, especially for companies with a large number of employees. Sometimes I leave out emails, so that person can’t receive the news.

After researching to improve the efficiency of internal communication in the enterprise, I found the Top E-office software. I can use many functions to support my work using the software.

With the Board function, I can post general information in the company information feature. To distinguish it from other types of information, I can also create a separate folder “HR” and post the news in the directory so that people can easily find it. Every time, we have an announcement, the news will be announced on the entire system. Easily accessible and readable by all employees. In addition to the fast transmission speed, the integrity and consistency of the information is also ensured.

Board Function of Top E-office software

Benefits of Board function of Top E-Office business management software:

  •  Automatically notify and update all employees.
  • Consistent instant communication.
  • Split folders, easy to search.
  • Easily communicate, share, and exchange.

After using Top E-office’s Board function, my work productivity has increased significantly. I appreciate the use of electronic office software to digitally transform businesses in today’s 4.0 era.

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Please contact for all the information:
Tel: 028-3520-2367
FB Fanpage: ITCloudSea
Youtube: ITCloudSea

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