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[Staff view]I feel cumbersome to run via each department to get approval for my request.

My request must be approved by various departments. After the department manager approves the application, I have to bring the application to the director. My application will be delivered to the accounting and human resources departments with the director’s approval. Therefore, I need to go a lot to complete these documents. I lost my time and got tired of the cumbersome management system.

Realizing the difficult situation for me and my employees, my company decided to apply business management software Top E-office for digital transformation.

Use Top E-office to streamline the approval process

Since the company used the office management software Top e-office, I send easily approvals via the Approval function. I can use platforms, fill in my suggestions, add the sequential authorized person, and wait to be approved. The system will send my request to my line manager first. Then, if the application is approved, the system will automatically send the application to the director. And then, it will send the request to the accountant and human resources. From the software, I can track the processing. Finally, I can get the results on the system without waiting too long.

Benefits of using the electronic approval function of Top E-Office business management software:

  • Shorten the process: I don’t need to go to each department to get signatures.
  • Sending approval of the proposal without meeting the boss
  • No long wait: shorten up to 90% of time
  • Workflow is smoother, more convenient and productivity is also higher than before.

Electronic office software application is the first step of digital transformation in enterprises. It is considered as a medicine to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the 4.0 technology era.

To receive detailed advice on the best electronic office software for your business. Customers, please click the button “Register Now” below or call 028 3520 2367 for consultation.

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Please contact for all the information:
Tel: 028-3520-2367
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