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Increase convenience of sales employees and efficiency of sales management

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Vietnam & Indonesia will launch on June


You can grasp all sales situation at once

All essential information such as ongoing projects status, sales, issues, next schedule can be viewed at once.

Sales Project

Can check all ongoing sales status in correspondence with each stage

Showing all sales projects list that you are in charged by each stage of sales,
Collect and provide important information such as related customers, participants, amount , etc

Sales Timeline

All progressing situations can be grasped at once by date

Special Function

Automatically recommend customer’s past sales activities, similar sales cases by an algorithm

Based on self-developed algorithm, automatically recommend ongoing sales cases and similar sales cases for each user ,
provides information about past sales activities of a specific customer

You can see the sales of all sales departments at a glance

Even if there are dozens of teams and hundreds of salespeople. You can see the total sales on one screen.

The team leader checks the sales of the team members.

The sales director or CEO checks the sales of the entire company.

You can also check the sales activities of sales staff.

Customer information management is the competitiveness of the company

Every salesperson’s customer is an important company asset.

The more employees share customer information, the stronger their sales force will be.

You can check who is the sales staff who did not enter customer information

Actual sales can be created through expected sales management.

The sum of the sales of all ongoing projects is the expected sales.

A certain percentage of the expected sales is actually represented as sales.

Without expected sales, there is no Actual revenue.

You can see the actual sales/expected sales of all sales teams at once.

You can see the progress of all sales projects conducted by team members at once.

You can find similar sales project cases that you have done in the past.

You can see the actual sales/expected sales of all sales teams at once.

You can see the progress of all sales projects conducted by team members at once.

You can find similar sales project cases that you have done in the past.

CEO | Sale Director

Sales Team Leader

Team Staff

Easy and Fast

No prior training required, easy and intuitive UI makes it easy and time-saving compared to other input method such as excel

Grasp at a glance

All information relevant to sales events, customers are converted into visible icons making it easy for anyone to grasp the overall sales stories quickly

Provides necessary information

Provide information that is frequently asked and answered among sales employees by our own algorith.

Fit for each environment

Utilize cloud (SaaS) based web/ mobile to meet the fact of lacking IT’s infrastructure in the companies

Business activity record

The most important is easy and fast!
After sales activities, tasks are simply done by click and input.

Friendly and intuitive UI that does not require prior training to use the solution.

Sales activities Storyline

Grasp at a glance!
Anyone can easily and quickly grasp the overall sales stories

Automatically generate a timeline according to sales period

Find the recommended human network in Database

Provide necessary information!

Automatically recommend current sales cases of each user and sales cases in the past

Automatically provides internal sales information of previous or current customers/ partner’s employees

Check sales (Dashboard)

Easier for managers!
Each sales employees, management team (department), entire company

Can easily check the sales activities information and sales amount status, then use it for the sales meeting

Check out my sales activities

More convenient for personalization!
All information about sales activities, current status of sales amount, current status of projects per each sales stage, next schedule, obstacles of each individual sales employee

Can be collected for easy viewing. In addition, the comments sent and received among employees can be checked in real time, and select additional notification information

Inquiry on sales activities / Disclosure of the contents of the business, non-disclosure.

Sales situation and authority perfectly fit!
an set up information search authority for each user in Business owner, Team (Department) head, working group. Search only necessary information

In case of sales cases that are reluctant to disclose, there is function to set up private view so that only people who participated could see the information

From CEO, Team Leader, Staff

Salesmemo is a sales “support” solution that provides actual benefits and helps to sales employees during their work

Emilia Clarke
C Company
Sales staff (Construction)
Until now, I have been managing sales and customer activities through Excel.And, it was difficult to share the current status and progress when working with colleagues.

Emilia Clarke
R Company
CEO (Production)
We wanted to shorten the training time for new employees and reduce the risk of eliminating past sales history in the event of a resignation

Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke
Sales Manager (Wholesale/ Retail)
It took a lot of time to check the sales progress of the team members, such as having frequent meetings.

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