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Function 1: Ticketing System

What is a ticket? : It is the customer’s request
Customer’s requests from all channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Email, etc are named Ticket

Detail Function
Ticket can be managed by classifying into categories such as all tickets, my tickets, group’s tickets, blocked tickets, deleted tickets

Function 2: Ticket Filter

Can search tickets from selected channels such as email, Twitter, Facebook, Google Play, Homepage, etc.

Function 3: Classification of Status

The customer’s requests can be classified into group such as New, In Progress, Pending, Solved, Closed, in order to be processed

Function 4: Classification of Importance level

Based on the importance level, the customer’s requests can be classified into groups such as Full, Low, Normal, High, Urgent to process

Function 5: Batch Reply

In case the same answer needs to be repeated over and over, it can be processed to answer for multiple tickets at once

Function 6: Ticket Translation and Reply Translation

The translation function can be used when receiving requests, or replying in various languages.

Function 7: Personnel Assignment

In case the organization size of the customer center is big, the manager can assign customer’s ticket to each staff

Function 8: VIPs or Blacklist Customers Management

All customers will be automatically classified as normal customers.

Customers requiring special management can be classified and managed as VIPs or Blacklist customers by changing customer information.

Power Function

Function 9: Manage by Business Unit Level

In case there are multiple businesses operated by company or by partner’s company, those businesses can be managed separately by business unit.

It is an amazing feature in which one customer center can manage multiple businesses and partner companies.

Function 10: Build a homepage specialized in customer center

Can build a homepage specialized in customer support that allows to communicate directly with customers for free.

Enhance efficiency of customer center through notices, FAQs, etc.

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