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Mail Folder

Don’t spend much time to looking up email.

  • Situation: I have received hundred mails every day. I cannot arrange and classify email by subject as my demand.
  • Solution: You should create [Mail Folders] in order to sort and divide your Mail Box.
  • Benefit: Arrange and manage all mail box easily

Virtual Mail

  • Situation: I’m a sale man, I received order from customer. Then I spend the time to forward email to my team and manager every time and every day.
  • Solution: You should create an virtual mail for your sales team.
  • Benefit: all of email that is sent to virtual mail will be forward automatically to your team member at the same time.
  • Additional: There is unlimited to create virtual email

Retiree Mail

  • Situation: My staff resigned and I’m in charge his job now. I want to check email between him and related customer
  • Solution: You can use Retiree Mail function to share all of his Mail box to you
  • Benefit: New person in charge will be easy to check and follow up the jobs of retiree staff

Fetching Mail

  • Situation: I have worked by Gmail for a long time, but now I have to change to another mail system. Can I combine Gmail to new Mail system ?
  • Solution: Fetching Mail is function help you combine other Mail system (Gmail, Yahoo, Naver, Hotmail, etc)
    onto Top-Eoffice Email
  • Benefit: Quick to check all your email systems
  • Additional: You can send email by Gmail address in Top E-office

Received To-do

  • Situation: I received a lot of tasks from Manager and my colleague and I cannot remember all of them.
  • Solution: Received to-do can help you
  • Benefit: Gathering all of tasks from other user
  • Additional: Don’t miss any duty, You can see the task is from whom. Also you and partner can follow up the task together

Assign To-do

  • Situation: I assigned a lot of tasks to my Co-worker. I can not remember and can not follow up process all of them.
  • Solution: Sent To-do
  • Benefit: Gathering all of tasks that you ask other user
  • Additional: You and partner can follow up the task together. Always can check which task to whom

Follow process and update status

  • Situation: I and my co-worker have a lot of task to handle together and I don’t know the status and I can not ask him now
  • Solution: To-do has function to help you follow up all of process
  • Benefit: You can see status of task, ratio of completed, deadline
  • Additional: You can attached file, leave comment to your team as well.

Employee Contact

  • Situation: My company has over 100 employees, some case I need to find out some co-worker to collaboration but I don’t know how to check
  • Solution: Contact can show all user in the organization chart.
  • Benefit: By your company organization chart, you can easy to check co-worker contact, department, position, where they work for collaboration in job

Customer Contact

  • Situation: I save my customer contact file in computer and I can not check when I’m outside.
  • Solution: You can create contact folder to save many list of customer/ supplier/ partner
  • Benefit: Always can check contact anytime, anywhere
  • Additional: You can choose send email to all of customer in folder

Shared Contact

  • Situation: There is some contact point that I need to share to my team and how they can see new updating?
  • Solution: You can create contact folder and share to your team.
  • Benefit: Your team member can check anytime- anywhere
  • Additional: you and your team can easy to add new contact in folder

Favorite Contact

  • Situation: I control many project team, I need to send email to every team every day, I spend al lot of time to type their email.
  • Solution: You can create favorite list and choose member for every project team.
  • Benefit: You can easily send email, notice, todo list, chat, etc to group of favorite lists
  • Additional: You can find out contact that you usually connect easily and quickly

Shared Calendar

  • Situation: I need to update my schedule to my team
  • Solution: you can create event can select to share calendar
  • Benefit: Easy to check and follow up schedule together

Work Schedule

  • Situation: I want to sync my task timeline to calendar
  • Solution: There is Work schedule function in Calendar, It will be auto sync your timeline from Todo, Project and Circular.
  • Benefit: : View and check all your task timeline quickly and easily

Reminder Schedule

  • Situation: I have a lot of schedules and events, I want to receive notification before It’s start/deadline
  • Solution: You can set up reminder on calendar
  • Benefit: Don’t miss any schedule
  • Additional: It’s able to repeat your schedule.

Company News

  • Situation: There is a news, I want to announce to all of employee.
  • Solution: You can post the news in company new
  • Benefit: : News is notified to all of employee easily and quickly
  • Additional: A place to store all of company notification, user can check anytime-anywhere

Share Information

  • Situation: I have some good information to share
  • Solution: You can post information in Board folder
  • Benefit: : Quick to share information online
  • Additional: Store all information, It will be helpful to new comer
    Related department can understand your team job
    It’s helpful in collaboration

Update Knowledge

  • Situation: I posted knowledge and It has some change now, I want to update it
  • Solution: You can modify your post anytime
  • Benefit: : Quick to share information online
  • Additional: knowledge and information is always updated continuously

HRM/ Organization

  • Situation: I want to create new project, approval but I can not check organization chart to add user.
  • Solution: Your company chart will be set up and link to all other features
  • Benefit: : Always can choose user by organization chart
  • Additional: Easy to check and manage all of employee in chart (contact, basic profile, etc)

Time Checking

  • Situation: I’m using e-office software, there is no function to record my log-in and log-out time
  • Solution: Top E-office provide check-in online function
  • Benefit: : User can check their timesheet
  • Additional: Manager can manage employee time checking

Time off Approval

  • Situation: I have an urgent issue and need to take a day-off, but my boss is on business trip, he can not approve
  • Solution: submit your time-off approval online in HR function
  • Benefit: : User can submit anytime-anywhere
  • Additional: Manager can check and approve even he is outside or in business trip.

Granted Holiday

  • Situation: Sales team archived monthly target, Director give them 1 more day off. I’m a accountant, I don’t know how to count that day-off to what’s kind of company holiday category
  • Solution: you can create grant holiday to only sales team
  • Benefit: : Flexible to create addition bonus to user

Digital Docuement

  • Situation: Company store all of document in cabinet, I don’t know how to share document to my team
  • Solution: User can upload and store document online in Archive Function
  • Benefit: : user can check document anytime and anywhere

Document Management

  • Situation: there are a lot of document need to be store. It so hard to arrange all of them
  • Solution: you should create multiple subfolders to store documents
  • Benefit: : Manage and classify document
    Easy to check and search
    Share document quickly

Approval Management

  • Situation: I submit requirement and received approval by email. It’s hard to distinct with normal email.
  • Solution: you can submit approval in Approval function
  • Benefit: : Manage all of approval process
    Easy to check and follow up
    Clearly classification: Received/ To Received/ Submit/ completed

Store Approval Document

  • Situation: There are lots of attached file, I can not find which one is approve
  • Solution: You can find it out in Official Document
  • Benefit: Store all of approved document
    Easy to check and search

Circular Management

  • Situation: I have to send important announcement to all employee and want to get their confirm/feedback. Some employees miss my announcement because it’s mixed in mailbox.
  • Solution: You should create [Circular] so that everyone can find and read your announcement.
  • Benefit: Send announcement to all employee in the shortest time.
  • Additional: Follow up all of confirm and feedback from users.


  • Situation: I need to get everyone’s opinions about the company trip
  • Solution: Create a Poll in [Circular] so that everyone can participate voting for their favorite place
  • Benefit: Easy to gather everyone’s opinion


  • Situation: I have many type of Circulars in my received boxes and sometimes it is hard to find an old announcement
  • Solution: Create a Folder in [Circular] so you can classify them and find out faster
  • Benefit: Easy to manage and search all type of Circular from long time ago.


  • Situation: There is a lot of task to do in project, I want to follow up process all of them
  • Solution: It’s easy to check process and status of to-do list in project function
  • Benefit: all of member can track in detail and continuously the process

Project Management

  • Situation: I have a lot of projects. We want to follow up all project’s progress
  • Solution: Project function can classify project by status: processing, hold-on, completed, etc
  • Benefit: Proceed with Projects efficiently with easy task distribution, external guest(s) invitation, Activity references, Project rate settings, and more

Facilities Management

  • Situation: My company has many shared facilities, but I don’t know correctly what are they.
  • Solution: admin should create facilities information on resource
  • Benefit: all of user can check what kind of facilitis is shared and they can book to user

Booking System

  • Situation: I need to use meeting room this afternoon but I don’t know It is available or not.
  • Solution: you can check and book in resource function
  • Benefit: easy to check and book shared facilities

Approval Booking

  • Situation: There are some expensive shared-facility, user have to submit request to me for booking
  • Solution: you can set up approval requirement for expensive facilities
  • Benefit: admin can secure good reason to user for expensive facilities, avoid abusing

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Business resigtration: 0315421202

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