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  • [Staff view] I wasted my time searching for archived documents from 3 years ago.

[Staff view] I wasted my time searching for archived documents from 3 years ago.

The archive management system makes me difficult to look for 3 years old documents. After registering from PIC, I rummaged the thousands of hard copy documents. Moreover, some important documents are also lost. No information hinders me from referring to or comparing my work.

Searching for documents takes up a lot of time. Each time, it usually takes me at least 2-3 hours to search for relevant documents and records. After that, it may take me another 20 minutes to copy the document and return the original to the librarian. The cumbersome management process makes me feel frustrated.

Realizing the difficult situation for me and my employees, my company decided to apply Top E-office business management software for digital transformation.

Electronic archiving system of Top E-office business management software

Since my company uses electronic office software like Top E-office to manage all documents, it’s easy for me to search for. After only 3 months of use, all documents have been successfully digitized on the Archive function. Every time I need to search for it, I just need to click on the relevant folders and type keywords to search. From a few hours, I was able to shorten it to just a few minutes. It’s convenient.

Benefits of using the Electronic Archive function of Top E-Office business management software:

  • Save time and costs: warehouse rental costs, stationery costs, printing paper and ink, document transportation costs.
  • Create a professional and modern working environment.
  • Easy to find information to look up and compare.

Electronic office software application is the first step of digital transformation in enterprises. It is considered as a medicine to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the 4.0 technology era.

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