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  • [CEO view] Why don’t my staffs remember what I assigned them?

[CEO view] Why don’t my staffs remember what I assigned them?

I assign works staff via meetings or chat applications such as Zalo, Gmail. But they often forget or miss what I told them to do. I repeatedly have to remind, ask about work progress, and guide each job. Those things waste my time, no time to make strategic plans anymore.

Things started to change when I was introduced to the office management software Top E-Office. After 3 months of software implementation, I am very satisfied that my difficulty has been completely solved.

To-do task management tool

I can easily list all works and add the person assigned to do it with the received To-do feature. The system will automatically notify and update the worker’s job processing status. Thanks to that, I can easily follow up and have timely reminders to ensure the work is completed on schedule.

Easy tracking:

  • Real-time progress of work: which work is overdue, in progress, or completed on the screen.
  • Actual completion time compared to expected time.
  • Who is in charge, on time or overdue.

Electronic office software application is the first step of digital transformation in enterprises. It is considered as a medicine to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the 4.0 technology era.

To receive detailed advice on the best electronic office software for your business. Customers, please click the button “Register Now” below or call 028 3520 2367 for consultation.

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Please contact for all the information:
Tel: 028-3520-2367
FB Fanpage: ITCloudSea
Youtube: ITCloudSea

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