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Thư mục Mail

Don’t spend much time to looking up email.

  • Situation: I have received hundred mails every day. I cannot arrange and classify email by subject as my demand.
  • Solution: You should create [Mail Folders] in order to sort and divide your Mail Box.
  • Benefit: Arrange and manage all mail box easily

Email ảo

  • Situation: I’m a sale man, I received order from customer. Then I spend the time to forward email to my team and manager every time and every day.
  • Solution: You should create an virtual mail for your sales team.
  • Benefit: all of email that is sent to virtual mail will be forward automatically to your team member at the same time.
  • Additional: There is unlimited to create virtual email

Mail của người nghỉ việc

  • Situation: My staff resigned and I’m in charge his job now. I want to check email between him and related customer
  • Solution: You can use Retiree Mail function to share all of his Mail box to you
  • Benefit: New person in charge will be easy to check and follow up the jobs of retiree staff

Tích hợp hệ thống Mail ngoài

  • Situation: I have worked by Gmail for a long time, but now I have to change to another mail system. Can I combine Gmail to new Mail system ?
  • Solution: Fetching Mail is function help you combine other Mail system (Gmail, Yahoo, Naver, Hotmail, etc)

    This is demo content.

  • Benefit: Quick to check all your email systems
  • Additional: You can send email by Gmail address in Top E-office

Nhận giao việc

  • Situation: I received a lot of tasks from Manager and my colleague and I cannot remember all of them.
  • Solution: Received to-do can help you
  • Benefit: Gathering all of tasks from other user
  • Additional: Don’t miss any duty, You can see the task is from whom. Also you and partner can follow up the task together

Giao công việc

  • Situation: I assigned a lot of tasks to my Co-worker. I can not remember and can not follow up process all of them.
  • Solution: Sent To-do
  • Benefit: Gathering all of tasks that you ask other user
  • Additional: You and partner can follow up the task together. Always can check which task to whom

Cập nhật và theo dõi giao việc

  • Situation: I and my co-worker have a lot of task to handle together and I don’t know the status and I can not ask him now
  • Solution: To-do has function to help you follow up all of process
  • Benefit: You can see status of task, ratio of completed, deadline
  • Additional: You can attached file, leave comment to your team as well.

Danh bạ nhân viên

  • Situation: My company has over 100 employees, some case I need to find out some co-worker to collaboration but I don’t know how to check
  • Solution: Contact can show all user in the organization chart.
  • Benefit: By your company organization chart, you can easy to check co-worker contact, department, position, where they work for collaboration in job

Danh bạ khách hàng

  • Situation: I save my customer contact file in computer and I can not check when I’m outside.
  • Solution: You can create contact folder to save many list of customer/ supplier/ partner
  • Benefit: Always can check contact anytime, anywhere
  • Additional: You can choose send email to all of customer in folder

Chia sẻ danh bạ

  • Situation: There is some contact point that I need to share to my team and how they can see new updating?
  • Solution: You can create contact folder and share to your team.
  • Benefit: Your team member can check anytime- anywhere
  • Additional: you and your team can easy to add new contact in folder

Nhóm danh bạ yêu thích

  • Situation: I control many project team, I need to send email to every team every day, I spend al lot of time to type their email.
  • Solution: You can create favorite list and choose member for every project team.
  • Benefit: You can easily send email, notice, todo list, chat, etc to group of favorite lists
  • Additional: You can find out contact that you usually connect easily and quickly

Chia sẻ Lịch

  • Situation: I need to update my schedule to my team
  • Solution: you can create event can select to share calendar
  • Benefit: Easy to check and follow up schedule together

Lịch công việc

  • Situation: I want to sync my task timeline to calendar
  • Solution: There is Work schedule function in Calendar, It will be auto sync your timeline from Todo, Project and Circular.
  • Benefit: : View and check all your task timeline quickly and easily

Nhắc nhở lịch trình

  • Situation: I have a lot of schedules and events, I want to receive notification before It’s start/deadline
  • Solution: You can set up reminder on calendar
  • Benefit: Don’t miss any schedule
  • Thông tin bổ sung: Bạn cũng có thể tùy chọn tính năng lập lại đối với những sự kiện diễn ra định kỳ.

Tin tức Công ty

  • Situation: There is a news, I want to announce to all of employee.
  • Solution: You can post the news in company new
  • Benefit: : News is notified to all of employee easily and quickly
  • Thông tin bổ sung: Đây là tính năng giúp lưu trữ toàn bộ tin tức thông báo của công ty, người dùng có thể xem bất kỳ lúc nào, bất kỳ nơi đâu.

Chia sẻ thông tin

  • Situation: I have some good information to share
  • Solution: You can post information in Board folder
  • Benefit: : Quick to share information online
  • Thông tin bổ sung: Store all information, It will be helpful to new comer
    Related department can understand your team job
    It’s helpful in collaboration

Cập nhật kiến thức

  • Situation: I posted knowledge and It has some change now, I want to update it
  • Solution: You can modify your post anytime
  • Benefit: : Quick to share information online
  • Thông tin bổ sung: Kiến thức và thông tin luôn luôn được cập nhật liên tục.

Nhân sự/ sơ đồ tổ chức

  • Situation: I want to create new project, approval but I can not check organization chart to add user.
  • Solution: Your company chart will be set up and link to all other features
  • Benefit: : Always can choose user by organization chart
  • Thông tin bổ sung: Dễ dàng kiểm tra và quản lý tất cả nhân viên trong sơ đồ công ty (bao gồm thông tin liên hệ, hồ sơ cơ bản,…)

Chấm công

  • Situation: I’m using e-office software, there is no function to record my log-in and log-out time
  • Solution: Top E-office provide check-in online function
  • Benefit: : User can check their timesheet
  • Thông tin bổ sung: Quản lý có thể quản lý bảng chấm công của nhân viên bất kỳ lúc nào.

Phê duyệt nghỉ phép

  • Situation: I have an urgent issue and need to take a day-off, but my boss is on business trip, he can not approve
  • Solution: submit your time-off approval online in HR function
  • Benefit: : User can submit anytime-anywhere
  • Thông tin bổ sung: Quản lý có thể kiểm tra và phê duyệt thậm chí anh ấy đang ở ngoài hoặc đang đi công tác.

Cấp ngày phép

  • Situation: Sales team archived monthly target, Director give them 1 more day off. I’m a accountant, I don’t know how to count that day-off to what’s kind of company holiday category
  • Solution: you can create grant holiday to only sales team
  • Benefit: : Flexible to create addition bonus to user

Digital Docuement

  • Situation: Company store all of document in cabinet, I don’t know how to share document to my team
  • Solution: User can upload and store document online in Archive Function
  • Benefit: : user can check document anytime and anywhere

Quản lý tài liệu

  • Situation: there are a lot of document need to be store. It so hard to arrange all of them
  • Solution: you should create multiple subfolders to store documents
  • Benefit: : Manage and classify document
    Easy to check and search
    Share document quickly

Quản lý phê duyệt

  • Situation: I submit requirement and received approval by email. It’s hard to distinct with normal email.
  • Solution: you can submit approval in Approval function
  • Benefit: : Manage all of approval process
    Dễ dàng kiểm tra và theo dõi phê duyệt
    Clearly classification: Received/ To Received/ Submit/ completed

Lưu trữ tài liệu phê duyệt

  • Situation: There are lots of attached file, I can not find which one is approve
  • Solution: You can find it out in Official Document
  • Benefit: Store all of approved document
    Easy to check and search

Quản lý Công văn

  • Situation: I have to send important announcement to all employee and want to get their confirm/feedback. Some employees miss my announcement because it’s mixed in mailbox.
  • Solution: You should create [Circular] so that everyone can find and read your announcement.
  • Benefit: Send announcement to all employee in the shortest time.
  • Thông tin bổ sung: Theo dõi được tất cả phản hồi và xác nhận từ người dùng có liên quan.


  • Situation: I need to get everyone’s opinions about the company trip
  • Solution: Create a Poll in [Circular] so that everyone can participate voting for their favorite place
  • Benefit: Easy to gather everyone’s opinion

Thư mục

  • Situation: I have many type of Circulars in my received boxes and sometimes it is hard to find an old announcement
  • Solution: Create a Folder in [Circular] so you can classify them and find out faster
  • Benefit: Easy to manage and search all type of Circular from long time ago.

Theo dõi công việc Dự án

  • Situation: There is a lot of task to do in project, I want to follow up process all of them
  • Solution: It’s easy to check process and status of to-do list in project function
  • Benefit: all of member can track in detail and continuously the process

Quản lý Dự án

  • Situation: I have a lot of projects. We want to follow up all project’s progress
  • Solution: Project function can classify project by status: processing, hold-on, completed, etc
  • Benefit: Proceed with Projects efficiently with easy task distribution, external guest(s) invitation, Activity references, Project rate settings, and more

Quản lý thiết bị

  • Situation: My company has many shared facilities, but I don’t know correctly what are they.
  • Solution: admin should create facilities information on resource
  • Benefit: all of user can check what kind of facilitis is shared and they can book to user

Hệ thống booking

  • Situation: I need to use meeting room this afternoon but I don’t know It is available or not.
  • Solution: you can check and book in resource function
  • Benefit: easy to check and book shared facilities

Phê duyệt booking

  • Situation: There are some expensive shared-facility, user have to submit request to me for booking
  • Solution: you can set up approval requirement for expensive facilities
  • Benefit: admin can secure good reason to user for expensive facilities, avoid abusing

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